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  • Why We Need Bitcoin

    Why we need Bitcoin

    Why We Need Bitcoin

    We have a way of buying, spending and erm… saving, so why do we need something like Bitcoin? Surely a government issued currency is the way to go, no? Well, this essay looks into how humanity (governments) has continuously messed up, and why Bitcoin isn’t just a necessity, but critical for humanity going forward.

    Control the Supply of Money, Control the People

    Throughout history, governments have taken liberties with the very people they’re supposed to represent. Whether it’s to fund wars, bail banks, or line their own pockets, control of the money supply has armed governments with the power to do whatever they like.

    Whether it’s quantitative easing or tightening, controlling the supply of money allows them to exert their control of the people. And with cashless societies now becoming a reality, we’re at a critical stage in monetary history.

    Paper and metal money will soon be a thing of the past and if things remain as they are, governments will have even more control over how we live our lives.

    When it comes to money centralised systems are dangerously powerful. It is no secret that they already control and manipulate society. If our financial systems become completely digital, however, they will have the power to scrutinise every single aspect of our financial lives, and have the means to seize or even delete our wealth at will.

    Look at China for example. The new social credit system there has society policing itself. If a Chinese citizen behaves in a way the government deems unfit, such as criticising any government policy or even crossing the road in the wrong place, their social scores are automatically adjusted.

    This affects their social standing and also whether they can get access to local goods and services, such as a loan, a job or even a passport. Sounds bad? Imagine if they get absolute control of the money.

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