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  • Why Investing in Bitcoin is Different to the Dot-Com Era

    Why Investing in is different to the dot-com era

    Why Investing in Bitcoin is Different to the Dot-Com Era

    Many people liken investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the early dot-com era, but buying into the early tech companies back in nineties is completely different to investing in Bitcoin.

    If you’re in your thirties now, you’ll likely remember the boom and bust of the early dot-com applications and websites.

    Pets .com always gets a notary mention here. A unicorn dot-com venture that quickly ended up in the gutter. And of course most of the cryptocurrencies that are launched today will end up the same way as the infamous pet food supplier.

    Investing in Bitcoin is Completely Different to Investing in Dot-Com Firms

    Comparing Bitcoin to even tech giants like Amazon and Google adulterates the possibilities of the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    Both Amazon and Google have done extremely well, and if you’d invested in those back when, you’d have made a lot of profit.

    But the thing about those two, and every other Internet company, is that you’re investing in that product, application or company. And no matter how good they are, they cannot compare to the capabilities of Bitcoin.

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