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  • Time To Buy A Bitcoin Maximalist T-Shirt

    Bitcoin Maximalist T-Shirt

    Bitcoin Maximalist has recently collaborated with US-based online store Geek-T-Shirts to produce some high quality t-shirts that will allow you to show off your Bitcoin Maximalist status.

    Geek-T-Shirts.com has been in business since 2017 and are fast-becoming the best independent online stores for geeky and nerdy t-shirts.

    The geeky fashionista recently added a Crypto Shirts section alongside their catalogue of Science, Maths, Coding and many more.

    If you’ve not heard of them, check them out. I’m sure you’ll agree the Bitcoin Maximalist T is well worth showing off.

    All their products are made-to-order (print-on-demand) and you can have them delivered direct to any address you like in a speedy and efficient way. They’re headquartered in the US, but with a base in the EU, shipping usually takes between 5-15 days , whether you’re in the US or the UK.

    If you would like to order Bitcoin Maximalist t-shirt, or any other of their range, check the website out.

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