Play Chess and Win Sats


Earn sats by playing Chess

Play Chess and Win Sats

Have you come across the Play-to-Earn trend yet? It’s growing in popularity and provides users with a distinct way to make Bitcoin – all whilst having fun! The more games you play, the higher your sats reward will be.

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to generate income online. So why not grab your gaming gear today and start joining in on this lucrative opportunity?

Up to this point, the majority of gaming platforms have produced sophisticated games with complicated revenue models; thus, users must figure out how to play before they can even understand what potential earnings are available.

Additionally, many Bitcoin-based platforms lack wider awareness and remain confined within the BTC community – failing to unlock their full P2E (play-to-earn) capabilities.

By recognizing the need for P2E, various platforms are incorporating it with popular and modern-day games. For instance, a platform is rewarding gamers with BTC (sats) just for playing chess! This initiative could be crucial in raising awareness of both P2E models and Bitcoin. Join us as we dive deep into this platform’s details to understand more about its potential impact on our society today.

Get Bitcoin for Playing Chess

Zebedee and Viker have partnered to provide you with Bitcoin Chess, the perfect way for users to make sats by playing a classic game. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to earn some extra bitcoin today? With Zebedee’s mobile payments expertise and Viker’s renowned gaming background coming together in order to bring you this unique platform, your chances of winning big are higher than ever! So what are you waiting for? Get started on Bitcoin Chess now!

As the developers of this game declare, these satoshi rewards are taken directly from their product’s overall revenue. Players could be earning mere pennies per session; however, Zebedee asserts in its press release that what makes it sustainable over time is precisely that.

Even though the rewards may be minimal, this encourages players to stay invested and inspired in the game beyond just its financial gain. As chess is played worldwide, it offers a great chance to present users with Bitcoin assets and P2E systems who are unfamiliar with them – thus amplifying awareness about these currencies as well as platforms.


Integrating P2E into classic gaming might appear to be a step backward, but it’s actually an invaluable opportunity for everyone involved. Not only does this bring thousands of new users to the Bitcoin space which can benefit game producers by increasing their revenue, but also creates amazing opportunities for individuals without prior knowledge of BTC as well! Thus, incorporating P2E could prove to be highly beneficial in more ways than one.