Narcissist Elon Musk “Heartbroken” Over Bitcoin Break Up


Elon Musk heartbroken over Bitcoin

Narcissist Elon Musk “Heartbroken” Over Bitcoin Break Up

Elon Musk has been at it again, this time tweeting his “heartbreak” over his fallout from Bitcoin.

The Tesla CEO has turned into public enemy number one in the Bitcoin space after his recent about turn and negativity towards Bitcoin and its apparent “misuse of energy”.

And after helping crash the market by 50%, Elon Musk again did his best to manipulate the price after Bitcoin tumbled 6%.

Bitcoin Price Slides After Elon Musk Tweet

The Bitcoin market has been in a downward spiral since Musk started his manipulative tirade against Bitcoin for his funders.

During the sell-off that followed the intial FUD storm, Bitcoin fell to around $30,000 before bouncing strongly. It has been in a narrow bound between $34-39k since, and was looking strong as the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami was starting.

Hopes of breakout were dashed earlier today, however, after Musk tweeted his heartbreak. The sell-off has continued, but the impact has been nowhere near as emphatic as the first tweet storm in which he said Tesla had stopped accepting Bitcoin due to energy concerns.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been criticised by many in and out of the Bitcoin space and accused of market manipulation.

Did a man of Elon Musk’d intelligence invest over $1.5 billion of public money in Bitcoin without researching it? Of course not. And his apparent siding with Doge coin has clearly weakened his efforts to criticise Bitcoin.

Talk show host Stuart Varney raised concerns over the level of influence Elon Musk seems to hold on cryptocurrency markets.

Varney put Musk on a pedestal with the likes of Steve Jobs, but questioned his involvement with Doge, and rightly so.

‘The man ranks right up there with Steve Jobs,’ claims Varney. ‘So what an Earth is he doing fooling around with a joke coin, otherwise known as dogecoin?’

Varney explained he had concerns about the influence Musk can have with financial markets, but what Varney failed to raise was that Musk is probably doing this for the financial industry.

Tesla doubles profits on Bitcoin

Elon Musk & Bitcoin – A Puppet For His Funders

Elon Musk is a very intelligent guy and is trying his best to get humans on Mars, and his exploits have been successful so far thanks to one major factor: he’s publicly funded.

He hasn’t made a profitable company yet, and Tesla, even though it is bigger than all other car companies combined is yet to make any profit.

So, why did a rocket scientist invest over $1.5 billion in Bitcoin only to start a FUD tirade a few weeks later?

Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy, no doubt about that, but it’s also speeding up renewable innovation like no other industry has ever been able to.

The Bitcoin frying the oceans/energy debate has been debunked many times. It’s just mainstream puppets like Elon Musk refuse to mention this because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

Bitcoin also uses much less energy than the existing financial industry, but that never seems to be raised by the mainstream media for some reason.

What’s more, you could run Bitcoin for almost two years on the energy that’s being used by American homes leaving their unused appliances on.

This has led many to believe Musk is being used by his biggest funders, BlackRock and Larry Fink and the likes of the EU, who are out to slow Bitcoin adoption.

Whatever the reason, the heartbreak is only Elon’s, because as much as many used to admire him, his narcissistic play is ruining lives and halting the progress the excellent work the Bitcoin community has achieved.

Elon Musk is a pawn for his funders, and he’s really part of the problem the financial industry has created.

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