MicroStrategy Adds Another 2,574 Bitcoins To Holdings


Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Adds Another 2,574 Bitcoins To Holdings

Nasdaq-listed software analytics firm MicroStrategy has added another 2,574 bitcoins to its treasury after investing $50 million more into Bitcoin (BTC).

The public company now holds 40,825 bitcoins after its CEO Michael Saylor opted for a Bitcoin Standard earlier this year.

According to the SEC filings yesterday, the 2,754 bitcoins have an average price of $19,427 each, and has invested a total of $475 million in Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced the purchase on Twitter, where he has built a cult following from many Bitcoiners.

The tweet received a lot of response as one might expect, with prominent Bitcoiner Jeff Booth saying Gigachad Saylor would ‘go down as one of the wisest entrepreneurs of the decade’ for acting so boldly.

Microstrategy holds more Bitcoin than any other public company

MicroStrategy on a Bitcoin Buying Spree

MicroStrategy first announced its plunge into Bitcoin in late July when it bought 21,454 bitcoins for a total price of $250 million. A move that shocked everyone, including the most ardent Bitcoin maximalists.

And CEO Michael Saylor rocked the world just over a month later when he announced MicroStrategy had invested another $175 million, buying a further 16,796 bitcoins.

Michael Saylor has been on many interviews since and repeatedly said that he saw the company’s cash holdings as a ‘melting ice cube’. And after looking at all other possibilities, he saw no better asset to store most of the company’s liquidity than Bitcoin.

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Some have tried to mock Saylor, including CNBC anchor Melissa Lee, who showed a lack of knowledge when she tried to naively grill Saylor about Bitcoin in a recent interview.

Lee confronted Saylor about MicroStrategy being a software company or a Bitcoin fund, but Saylor explained a couple of times that the company P/L was in software but thought its treasury was safer stored in Bitcoin than USD.

Michael Saylor is also on record saying he intends to hold Bitcoin as part of MicroStrategy’s treasury for 100 years, calling it the ‘most rational’ asset to store wealth anywhere in the world.

And MicroStrategy’s latest buy, near the local top, is a further testament to the confidence the CEO has in Bitcoin’s long term price projection. Not forgetting the company’s three largest shareholders BlackRock, Vanguard and JPMorgan, who would be privy to any proposed purchase.

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MicroStrategy Will Continue To Add Bitcoin To Its Treasury, And Others Will Follow

Any public company buying $50 million of Bitcoin is absolutely bullish, but for some reason MicroStrategy’s latest purchase isn’t as ‘headline making’.

MicroStrategy already moved the goal posts when it spent $425 million on Bitcoin earlier this year, so a $50 million buy is less groundbreaking. However, it is a sign of confidence in Bitcoin, and one that will keep Bitcoin as part of boardroom discussions.

Added with MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) stock price up over 150% since it first announced its move into Bitcoin, it’s without question that every CEO is taking note.

MicroStrategy was the first public company to announce it was making Bitcoin a part of its treasury, and it won’t be the last. As quarterly reports are published, we can expect many more announcements of public companies following gigachad Michael Saylor’s lead.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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