HODLing Bitcoin Has Been Profitable in 93.6% Of The Days Since August 2010


With the third-ever Bitcoin halving in the history books, the price of the asset is reacting by a notable 13% surge. As a result, the number of profitable days of holding the primary cryptocurrency has increased to over 93%, according to a data monitoring website.

Almost All BTC Positions Are In Profit

Bitcoin’s halving historically attracts a lot of attention. This one was no exception. While there were a lot of predictions that the price would tumble mainly because of miner-induced selling pressure, BTC has so far defied them all, gaining over $1,000 since the halving.

According to a popular cryptocurrency monitoring resource, with the price being where it is now, the number of profitable days holding BTC increased to 93.6% since August 2010. This means that Bitcoin has been in the green in 3329 out of 3558 days.

Bitcoin Profitable Days. Source: www.lookintobitcoin.com
Bitcoin Profitable Days. Source: www.lookintobitcoin.com

HODLers Are Not Selling

Another compelling chart examines the behavior of Bitcoin HODLers. More specifically, it looks at the number of BTC addresses that have not moved their coins for one or more years. Read More