Get Your Bitcoin T-Shirts In The Bitcoin Maximalist Store


Bitcoin t-shirts at the Bitcoin Maximalist shop

The Bitcoin Maximalist Store Is Now Open

Fancy getting yourself a Bitcoin t-shirt? Well, Bitcoin Maximalist has recently opened its new Bitcoin merch store. We sell many products from the best Bitcoin hardware wallets, Bitcoin books, apparel and even home accessories and of course t-shirts, all themed on Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin t-shirts range are our best-selling products, and every design is unique and made to order. There are cheaper t-shirts out there, but we prefer quality and have carefully selected the best manufacturer to offer only high-quality stuff.

All t-shirts are made of a thick, yet soft cotton. They all have double stitching on the neckline and sleeves to add more durability, but even so they feel light and comfortable when wearing.

We have kept our colors limited because, like Bitcoin, we believe scarcity is the way forward. Therefore, we have carefully chosen the right colors for the right design.

The print is lightweight, with no horrible clear seal over the design. Everything is to the highest of standards that you expect from the Bitcoin Maximalist team, and we are very proud of every design we create.

Bitcoin Maximalist Store is now open and we sell merch such as Bitcoin t-shirts, hoodies, home accessories, Bitcoin hardware wallets and Bitcoin books. Check us out.

The tees look great on men and women, and we also have a children’s range for those who spread the good word of Bitcoin down the generations.

Our Bitcoin T-Shirts Range

The Bitcoin Maximalist Reflection T-shirt is our best seller. Available in black, dark heather and navy blue, it’s not only unique but I’m sure you will agree, the color and design of the print looks like a cool way to show off your Bitcoin maximalism.

We have many more Bitcoin t-shirts, such as the traditional Bitcoin Accepted Here t-shirt (not unique but we have to), I Told You So, Bitcoin Pac Man, and for the revolutionaries our Che Guevara – Bitcoin Revolution t-shirt, which we also do in canvas.

We have just started our Bitcoin Classics Music range, which is proving to be very popular. We have many more to come, but so far you can get Bitcoin themed Rolling Stones tongue t-shirt, RUN DMC, Nirvana, and for any anarchist punks out there, check out our Nevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Bitcoin t-shirt, which pays homage to the classic Sex Pistol album.

Bitcoin t-shirts at Bitcoin Maximalist store

We have a partner manufacturer based in the US, EU and Japan, so we deliver pretty much worldwide give or take a few sanctioned countries.

We are confident in the quality of the material and print of our products, but in the rare event that our customers are not happy with a faulty product, we offer a full refund. For more details check our returns policy.

Bitcoin T-Shirts For The Bitcoin Maximalist

Bitcoin is going mainstream. With corporate adoption and Bitcoin almost hitting $1 trillion market cap it feels like the end of the beginning, but really this is what all Bitcoiners have waited for.

What better way to show your colors than wearing a unique and cool Bitcoin t-shirt? Check out the Bitcoin Maximalist Store today, you’ll be glad you did.

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