Earn Free Bitcoin With Carrot


Earn free Bitcoin with Carrot

Earn Free Bitcoin with Carrot

Interested enough but don’t have enough money to buy Bitcoin? How about putting your good deeds, skills or time to use and earn some free Bitcoin with Carrot instead?

With Carrot you can earn free Bitcoin...

Carrot is a brand new marketplace that aims to accelerate hyperbitcoinization by letting anybody anywhere trade their time, talent and ability for some free Bitcoin.

It’s a truly global platform and by using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network anybody anywhere can participate and be compensated for the value they create, in a matter of seconds however small.

Earn free Bitcoin with Carrot

The Carrot team believes most people won’t buy their first Bitcoin, but earn it instead.

Every person has something unique they can offer and whether it’s value creation, doing social good, or even completing surveys anybody can earn free Bitcoin with Carrot.

Introducing Carrot

Created by BTC Inc., the owners of Bitcoin Magazine, Carrot is a platform that focuses solely on free Bitcoin rewards.

Carrot is a platform that gives creators (rewarders) a way of rewarding their supporters directly.

Creators can list tasks that their followers might already be doing anyway and offer free Bitcoin bounties for their completion.

It isn’t like Fiverr or any other freelancing platform just yet. Although you can earn free BTC for content creation, it’s more of a platform where you can be rewarded for things like contributing to open source projects, completing surveys, or using and sharing things on social media.

Tyler Evans, the CTO of Carrot says, ‘We believe that every person has something unique they can offer the world, and that there is an unlimited pool of potential: energy, value creation, social good, that is untapped today.’

‘Carrot is our small contribution toward creating an equality of opportunity worldwide. Our mission is to spread hyperbitcoinization by letting the next billion people earn their first Bitcoin.’

How Is Carrot Used Today?

The do-good platform only launched in summer 2020 and is in alpha, but people are earning free Bitcoin with Carrot already after several bounties have been completed and more are up for tender.

While in alpha, the Carrot developers will monitor everything and grow the platform accordingly. Therefore, it has a waitlist for other rewarders to join and post tasks.

The Carrot team expect podcasters and other content creators to use the platform to promote their own content.

As well as this, companies requiring developers for open-source projects will use the Carrot platform and reward a bounty of free sats for the completion of any task.

We are already seeing these types of bounties today, with the likes of Bitcoin Magazine hosting a meme contest.

They requested anyone to create a meme for the chance of winning $10 worth of Bitcoin on Carrot.

The contest generated over 50,000 impressions on Twitter and had almost 100 memes submitted.

Bitcoin Magazine also offered five $500 Bitcoin rewards for developers contributing open source code to the Bitcoin Core software. The projects were accepted and completed by developers and Carrot distributed the Bitcoin on completion.

Newly launched CBD distributer Likuid Gold wanted to grow its audience on Instagram, and anyone could earn free BTC worth $0.80 as reward.

People only had to follow Likquid Gold on iG, and complete a short survey to earn the instant Bitcoin reward.

Lightning Network Microtransactions on Bitcoin

These are just a few examples of what Carrot is being used for. It’s very early days, but Carrot has processed thousands of Lightning invoices globally, as people look to earn free Bitcoin with Carrot.

It has users in all continents, and an average withdrawal of 23,300 sats, about $2.50. The smallest withdrawal has been 16 sats, which shows the power of Lightning Network and ultra cheap and fast microtransactions.

Why Does Carrot Use Bitcoin?

The Carrot team could have created their own shitcoin, but they chose to work with Bitcoin because it is the best form of money with the most secure network.

The developers, BTC Inc., have worked with the Bitcoin Core team in the past and see themselves as a way to promote the only true sound money: Bitcoin.

Earn free Bitcoin with Carrot.

Bitcoin is the most secure network ever created. It’s also programmable money without borders, and a natively digital currency that needs no middlemen.

And with the Lightning Network it can automatically process microtransactions in milliseconds at scale.

Carrot – A Platform To Earn Free Bitcoin

Carrot has already processed thousands of transactions, with the average person earning $2.50.

By building on the Lightning Network it has made Carrot the perfect marketplace to bring together rewarders and those looking to earn free BTC.

Whether you’re a brand that needs promoting, in need of some software development, or would like to collect data, Carrot is a place to promote your requirements.

If you want to earn free Bitcoin, check Carrot out, because there will be something that ensures you can get involved in Bitcoin without spending money.

Welcome to free Carrot, welcome to Bitcoin.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

Bitcoin FAQs

Is Bitcoin anonymous?

No, Bitcoin isn’t anonymous. It’s pseudonymous. Every BTC transaction is traceable, but there is no name connected with each transaction, unless somebody exchanges it for fiat on a platform which they have verified their account. There are ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously, however, it just takes a bit of knowledge and maybe a slight premium.

How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin?

On average, the time it takes for miners to mine BTC is 10 minutes. But they don’t just mine 1 BTC. Mined Bitcoins are created with every new block and these produce the Bitcoin block reward which at the moment is 6.25 BTC, so you could say it takes less than 2 minutes to mine each Bitcoin.

How can I buy Bitcoin in The Netherlands?

There are many reputable Bitcoin exchanges operating in The Netherlands. However, the most recommended exchanges are Kraken or BlockFi. Or you can buy Bitcoin from Bitcoin marketplaces, such as LocalBitcoins or Paxful. All of these platforms are global with high liquidity and excellent customer service. Check out our reviews on each platform.

Who is the CEO of Bitcoin?

There is no CEO of Bitcoin. There is no central authority that directs or controls Bitcoin. It was created by a pseudonymous programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, but he gave it up to the community, and now all decisions are made by the hundreds of thousands of miners and nodes who work for the Bitcoin network.