Bitcoin or Ethereum which one will go higher?


Bitcoin BTC or Ethereum ETH?

Bitcoin or Ethereum which one will go higher?

The competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum never gets old. Two of the biggest blockchains, each one focused on a specific part of the tech and financial industry, have their own hardcore fans and critics. Some believe Bitcoin is the new gold and has shown the benefits of blockchain to the world, while others believe Ethereum was the one that completed the blockchain revolution.

An Old Comparison Still Alive in the New Era

By introducing smart contracts, Ethereum showed what can be done perfectly on the decentralized systems. dApps emerged in the blockchain, and the use for the ETH coin skyrocketed. It resulted in massive gains for ETH holders. In the past years, with the introduction of DeFi services and their considerable success, we have seen ETH prices going higher and recording ATHs one after another.

On the other hand, Bitcoin has had a great year and experienced massive growth in terms of adoption, mining, and especially BTC price.

Which Coin Will Rise Faster?

The battle is still alive, some believe ETH price will go higher faster, and other are still hardly believed in BTC and predicted very bullish movements for the coin.

Those who believe Ethereum will expand faster and result in more price rise for the ETH coin rely on the fundamental use-cased of the blockchain.

They believe Ethreum provides vast opportunities for creating useful products on a decentralized platform. These features result in more use-case for ETH that may increase the price more.

“Ether is a blockchain platform that functions like the Apple store or Android app store…Bitcoin is a commodity like gold or a store of value.” said Pat LaVecchia, chief executive officer of Oasis Pro Markets.

Besides, the Ethereum community has decided to migrate to Ethereum 2.0 and move the system to PoS. It creates hype in the market, and many more mainstream users may buy ETH in the hope of more earning in the coming months.

Bitcoin And Ethereum – They’re Completely Different But Always Compared

Bitcoin has always had special fans and believers that rely on the philosophy of this blockchain to predict price rises. Besides, they look at the historical charts of the BTC and predict the coin will always go higher. But the question still remains that which one of these coins – BTC and ETH – will go higher faster? In simple terms, which one is a better investment in the current market?

The answer can’t be clear for the above question. Both BTC and ETH have great potentials for more growth in the current year. Some believe that Bitcoin halving hasn’t still shown its impact on the BTC price. Others believe Ethereum 2.0 will attract more users to the blockchain and even bring back those who left it because of slow transactions.

After all, we can expect ETH to have a faster rise because of the alt season. When new price movements start in coins other than BTC, we can expect all of them to gain massive earnings, which can happen anytime in 2021.

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