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    The perfect platform for your Bitcoin journey

    Whether you're a Bitcoin newb and want to learn the basics about Bitcoin or you just need to brush up on a few things, our Bitcoin for Beginners archive has something for you.

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    Bitcoin 101

    Interested in Bitcoin but not sure exactly what it is? Bitcoin 101 is the ideal place to start for all Bitcoin beginners.

    How to Buy Bitcoin

    Interested in Bitcoin but not sure exactly how to buy it? Our How To Buy Bitcoin section gives advice for the beginner on how to buy Bitcoin whichever way you prefer.

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    Learn All About Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Mining

    Interested in Bitcoin Mining but not sure exactly how to get into it? Our Bitcoin Mining section offers advice for the Bitcoin mining beginner on everything related to Bitcoin Mining.

    Layer Two Technologies

    Bitcoin is a software program and many exciting programs are being built on it. Our Layer Two Technologies section section looks into the most exciting things being built and are being used on Bitcoin right now. 

    Bitcoin Fact & Opinion

    Bitcoin is an exciting innovation, and it’s not hyperbole to say Bitcoin can change everything more than any other technology before it. Our team at Bitcoin Maximalist offer their opinion to help guide any Bitcoin beginner.