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Welcome to our Bitcoin for Beginners library. In here you’ll find everything there is to start your Bitcoin journey. If you’re new to Bitcoin, you’ll discover everything there is from ELI5 Bitcoin to what you should know before buying Bitcoin, to articles explaining Bitcoin in detail.

If you’re not such a beginner, but just need to refresh, there’s something for you too. Have you read the Bitcoin whitepaper yet? It’s not an easy digest for the average person, but such a momentous and historical thesis should be read at least once. 

Save yourself some precious time, and instead of scouring the Internet, learn about Bitcoin from our experienced team of researchers and writers.

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Bitcoin 101

BTC Explained ELI5 Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) Explained

As Bitcoin gets ever more popular, the 97% who don’t know much about it start to Google ‘What is Bitcoin?’,

How Bitcoin Works

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is a digital currency born on the Internet. There are no physical bitcoins, and none of it can ever

Bitcoin A peer to peer electronic cash system

Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Bitcoin whitepaper was first released by Satoshi Nakamoto on 31st October 2008. In it, Satoshi describes how the Bitcoin

What gives Bitcoin Value?

What Gives Bitcoin Value?

I’ve heard Bitcoin called many things in my few years in the space: ‘Magic Internet Money’, ‘Drug Dealers Money’ and

How to Buy Bitcoin

Kraken is the most secure, transparent, and customer friendly exchange going.

Kraken is a truly global exchange and it offers a Bitcoin/fiat gateway for USD, CAD, GBP, EUR and AUD. The deposit and withdrawal fees are some of the cheapest in the cryptocurrency space.

As well as being able to buy Bitcoin, users can trade BTC for many currencies and many other cryptocurrencies. Kraken offers many types of trading desks, such as spot trading, margin trading, futures, OTC and it has what Kraken calls the Dark Pool.

For a full review of Kraken, click here…

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